Wood-burning as renewable energy source

Context: The European Union’s race to rid itself of dependence on Russian fossil fuels is well underway. The International Energy Agency says widespread bids to beef up energy security “turbocharged” growth of green power in 2022, and EU parliamentarians hope to ramp up renewables targets to reach 45% of bloc-wide energy consumption by 2030. Importance: The word […]

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Rule 357 in Lok Sabha

Context: Facing the heat for his recent critical remarks on the state of Indian democracy, Congress MP Rahul Gandhi has once again approached Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla, seeking permission to respond to “totally baseless and unfair charges” made against him by senior Ministers in the Lok Sabha. What is Rule 357: In the Rules […]

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Water warning: Economic stability threatened by vanishing rainfall

Context: Almost a third of people live in water-stressed countries. Water security depends on rainfall-generating forests. Water supplies, climate change and nature losses linked.   Facts About 2.3 billion people — almost one in three — live in water-stressed countries, a third of those facing critical pressures, according to 2021 data from UN-Water. Even more […]


The Smart Cities Mission: A status check

Context: Under the Smart Cities Mission, cities across the country were asked to submit proposals for projects to improve municipal services and to make their jurisdictions more livable. At a review meeting by Housing and Urban Affairs Secretary, these cities were offered help towards meeting the deadline. As the June 2023 deadline for completing the Smart Cities […]


IPCC MEET: Significance & Impact

CONTEXT: Panel The Intergovernmental on Climate Change, an UN-backed scientific body whose periodic assessments of climate science form the basis of global climate action, is set to finalize what is known as the Synthesis Report. What is IPCC? The IPCC provides regular assessments of the scientific basis of climate change, its impacts and future risks, […]

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    Why in NEWS? The certification industry offers a multi-layer audit system that seeks to authenticate the origin, legality, and sustainability of forest-based products. Why certification requires? With climate change, deforestation has become a critically sensitive issue globally in recent years. Forests absorb large amounts of carbon dioxide that is emitted in various economic […]