police or military uniform UPSC PRELIMS 2023 – The Core IAS

police or military uniform UPSC PRELIMS 2023

With reference to India, consider the following pairs :

               Action                          The Act under

                                                      which it is covered

  1. Unauthorized wearing                The Official Secrets

               of police or military       Act, 1923


  1. Knowingly misleading          The Indian Evi-

               or otherwise inter-                 dence Act, 1872

               fering with a police

               officer or military

               officer when engaged

               in their duties

  1. Celebratory gunfire               The Arms (Amend- which can endanger          amendment) Act, 2019

               the personal safety of


        How many of the above pairs are correctly matched?

        (a) Only one

      (b) Only two

        (c) All three

        (d) None


Statement I is Incorrect: Unauthorized wearing of
police uniform not official secret act

Statement II is incorrect : Its is true for Official Secret act

Statement III is correct: In a bid to curb this
menace, the Centre had amended The Arms Act in December 2019 and made
celebratory firing even with licensed guns at public gatherings, religious
places, marriage or other functions a criminal offence attracting two years’
imprisonment and fine. But this information could not be properly publicised
due to Covid-19 pandemic.