Why there is a need to revamp higher education

CONTEXT– Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) are required to constantly upgrade
themselves to meet the demands of both students and industries against the backdrop of
rapid technological development.

How do we recalibrate the system of teaching-learning in our Higher Education
Institutes to meet the demands of the job market?

WHAT should be done ?
1. Train in social and communicative skills and entrepreneurship
2. Trigger creativity to innovate while keeping environmental and social concerns in
3. mentor students to become socially productive citizens with honesty, integrity and
4. empower to learn according to their abilities, interests, and specific needs

HOW should be done?
1. Personalised Training- learning that prioritises an individual student’s
requirements and uses flexible instructional practices in terms of content, pace and
materials. The entire learning process becomes student-centric and the students are
encouraged to design their own learning pathways.
2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Analytics– Technology provides a variety of
materials in various formats to suit different students and monitor and assess their
progress. AI can never replace educators; it can only enhance and support
personalised learning by providing automated tasks, assessment platforms and
3. Teacher’s role– There are areas such as communication and collaborative skills,
and emotional intelligence, which require human intervention. Therefore, the role of
teachers in personalised learning remains as important as it is in traditional learning.
4. T-shaped learning– Another way to reorient university education is to incorporate
T-shaped learning, which aligns with and complements multidisciplinary learning,
emotional and cultural intelligence. This in turn boosts innovation, entrepreneurial
ability, employability of an individual, and organisational success. The vertical line of
‘T’ represents expertise in subject specific knowledge and skills, while the horizontal
stands for a wide range of communication, interpersonal and interdisciplinary skills,
communication, and collaborative skills


1. the re-oriented structure of HEIs will prepare the youth to be innovative and creative
in their chosen fields, and train them to be flexible, and collaborative, in addition to
be critical thinkers and good communicators.
2. learning has to be active, agile, adaptive, innovative, cooperative and collaborative
in order to enhance the employability of the students