Answer Writing Foundation – The Core IAS

Answer Writing Foundation

The approach follows here is very logical. He starts with very basic understanding of the questions(mostly past years).

First few days focus will be on  breaking  the question into sub parts, understand the demand and address it one by one.

Second stage comprised of maintaining the flow, like which part of the question should come first and what should come at the end.

Third stage is about the content and the kind of language to be used while writing. Maximum information in minimum words is the main idea here.

With continuous practice, we engrained this approach in your minds and so that it comes very naturally to aspirants  while writing the answers.

The Entire programme has been designed very systematically subject wise and topic wise(as per the syllabus) which helps one understand their weak and strong areas because there will always be subjects where you can automatically break the question like for some  it is ethics but someone may find  it difficult for polity. So, this whole approach of subject plus topic wise is very very helpful in realising some key things about oneself.

Course Highlights

• Complete coverage of syllabus (GS I, II, III, IV)
• Focus on concept clarity keeping in mind the technical background of aspirants.
• Interactive classes .
• Daily discussion of previous years questions.
• In depth coverage of latest and new dimension in GS.

Who Should Join

• Those who lack conceptual clarity
• Those who have just started their UPSC Journey the completed foundation course &
struggling in writing answer.
• Mode: Offline & Online.
• Duration: 6 months.