Geography Optional Test Series – The Core IAS

Program 1

Features of Geography Test Series – 2024

  • 3 months Test Programme
  • 7 Sectional and 4 full Lenght Test
  • One To one Discussion ( Mentorship Session )
  • Focus on answer writing Approach ( How to read, How to think, How to Apply )
  • Value enrichment ( Geographical inputs, Maps, Examples, Theories )
  • Current Updated Question And Model Answers
  • Explanation Of Questions in Easy Manner.
  • Coverage of entire PYQs according to the current affairs and pattern with the alignment of UPSC Standards Questions.
  • Validity Time -2024

Program 2

Features of Geography 500+ questions -2024

  • 100 days x 5 questions daily programme
  • One to one discussion (Mentorship Session)
  • Focus on answer writing approach.
  • Focus on conceptual clarity, structure and presentation
  • Value enrichment (Geographical inputs, Maps, Examples, Theories)
  • Current updated Question and model answers
  • Explanation of questions in easy manner
  • Coverage of Entire PYQS according to the Current Standard and patterns with the alignment of UPSC standards questions.


  • For full strategic Preparation of Geography optional with a combination of Program 1 and Program 2
  • Daily target-based answer writing
  • Check your Preparation via Test series

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Specialized , Personalised & Adaptive Learning Program to Excel in Geography Optional

  • Geography is a highly successful optional subject in the UPSC Exam due to its scientific orientation and its overlap with General Studies papers.
  • The optional subject carries 500 marks, and securing more than 300 marks can significantly impact a candidate’s rank and final selection.
  • Traditionally, communication between candidates and teachers focuses on completing the syllabus, often leaving questions and conceptual understanding untouched.
  • The Core IAS has introduced two programs to address this gap:
    • Geography Optional Test Series: This program offers one-on-one guidance and practice tests that are based on previous years’ questions and updated syllabus. It helps candidates to strengthen their grasp of the subject.
    • 500+ Daily Answer Writing (100 Days) Program: This program emphasizes daily answer writing practice, allowing candidates to improve their writing skills and answer questions effectively. It aids in the development of a structured and comprehensive approach to addressing questions.
    • The programs also include discussions on contemporary geography topics related to the course, which is crucial for the UPSC interview process.
    • By focusing on conceptual understanding, regular practice, and contemporary issues, these initiatives aim to enhance candidates’ performance in the Geography optional subject and improve their overall chances of success in the UPSC Exam.

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