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Prelims test series with mentorship

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 The Core IAS is a team dedicated to streamlining the process of UPSC CSE (Union Public Service Commission – Civil Services Examination) preparation in India.

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22 Questions Reflection In

Directly From Class Notes

31 Questions Reflection In

Directly From Class Notes



Start Date : 19th Feb 2024

Fees :₹ 9,999 + GST

Course Highlights :

  1. Holistic coverage of syllabus from micro to macro level
  2. stragetic classes – what to read what ‘not’ read
  3. Regular mentorship
  4. Weekly & monthly targets
  5. guidance through books & REFERENCES

Civil Service Examinant’s Prelims stage is becoming more and more unpredictable with each passing year. To beat this fear and uncertainty aspirants resort to more and more resources and less revision which again pushes them into the vicious cycle of failure! 

With years of Experience in guiding students of civil service examination and having given AIR – 67, 94, 138, 269, 279, 329 and many others, we know that it is a game of right strategy and thought process. This stage demands as much Smart strategy as it does Smart work. 

So, The Core IAS team has come up with a PRELIMS MENTORSHIP program for people who have been giving successive attempts and have faced multiple failures. The idea here is to produce results where every aspirant giving his/her 100% to the daily targets will surely make it to the mains. 

Specific Features of this program are – 
  1. Daily targets and weekly targets will be evaluated as well as monitored regularly by the mentor.
  2. List of Books and references to be followed to achieve the targets
  3. Weekly & daily tests from the targets assigned and will be personally mentored on individual strengths and weaknesses
  4. hand holding through any challenge faced in meeting the daily targets and overall subject
  5. Elimination techniques and common sensical approach to question solving
Other features –
  • 30 Prelims tests / 72 prelims test
  • Continuous Assessment and Monitoring Programme  
  • A Systematic Test-Based Preparation Programme for Prelims
  • Daily & target wise test -solving
  • Personalized mentoring to help strengthen prelims preparation strategy
  • Conceptual coverage of all probable questions
  • Dedicated test- regime followed by intensive discussions
  • Designed in a manner to increase your chances to crack this first stage of the Civil Services Exam
  • Holistic coverage of all topics of Prelims and Current affairs.

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