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Mains mentorship programme (Answer writing )

TheCore IAS has been a differentiator in the answer-writing arena of UPSC and its results have proven this over the years. We follow a very simple and logical stage-wise approach in answer writing.

 First stage is focussed on breaking the question into sub-parts, understanding the demand of the question, and addressing it one by one.

The second stage comprises maintaining the flow of the answer, like which part of the question should come first and what should come later.

The third stage is about the content and the kind of language to be used while writing. Maximum information in minimum words is the main idea here. 

What most of the institutes do is provide content for the answers and call it to answer writing and it is of not much help because the content is anyways available to everyone through google and books. The idea of answer writing is to present the same content as per the demand of the question and filter the irrelevant content and this is the main gap that Core IAS helps to fill in. 

With continuous practice, this approach will be engrained in your minds and it will come very naturally to you while writing the answers. 

Also, the entire programme has been designed very systematically subject-wise and topic-wise (as per the syllabus) which helps one understand their weak and strong areas. So, this whole approach of subject plus topic wise is very very helpful in realizing some key things about oneself. 

The Core IAS is following the best approach towards answer writing. It is not teaching you the answers but the actual art of answer writing so that you can handle any type of question with the content already available to you. 

This course has been a savior to many aspirants who were stuck at the mains stage for a number of attempts and if there is one program that can guarantee your success in the mains exam, it is this one

By using the following procedure, our endeavor is to enable you to write answers in such a way that you write clearly, on demand, concisely, and with originality. Be able to write engaging answers yourself

  • Answer writing Programme 
  • Intensive Guidance Programme
  • Regular in-person mentorship Sessions
  • Essay Module with regular classes and tests
  • Value addition -cum detailed discussion classes

MUKHARJEE NAGAR BATCH Start date: 17th October , 5 PM

ORN BATCH START DATE: 17th October, 9 AM

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17th October