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Hindu rate of growth

Context:  Hindu rate of growth? Why this term? When did India outgrow the Hindu rate of growth? Features of Hindu Rate of Growth The then features which led to the coining of this term were- Gross Domestic Product (GDP)


What is? Use: Benefits of VVPAT: Significance: Challenges: One of the primary concerns with VVPAT machines is the possibility of technical malfunctions. The machines are supposed to print a paper receipt of the vote cast by the voter, which is then deposited in a box. However, there have been instances of the machines malfunctioning, resulting in …

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African Union in G20

Context: What is the AU? Why was the AU formed? Objectives of the AU? Achievements of the AU? Shortcomings of the AU? Upshot of AU’s inclusion in G20?

stem cell therapy

Context: What are stem cells? How are stem cells used in medicine? What is autism spectrum disorder and how is it treated? Can stem cell treatment be used for ASD?