‘Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (GCM)’. UPSC PRELIMS 2023 – The Core IAS

‘Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (GCM)’. UPSC PRELIMS 2023

Consider the following statements:

  1. Recently, all the countries of the United Nations have adopted the first-ever compact for international migration, the
  2. The objectives and commitments stated in the GCM are binding on the UN member countries.
  3. The GCM addresses internal migration or internally displaced people also in its objectives and commitments.

        How many of the above statements are correct?

        (a) Only one

        (b) Only two

        (c) All three

        (d)   NoE


  • Statement I is incorrect
  • Statement II is incorrect : In the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration, UN Member States agree on common goals in managing international migration in all its dimensions. The non-binding Compact encompasses 23 objectives
  • The representative of Chile said that some elements of the Global Compact are not entirely in line with his country’s immigration policy. For instance, it fails to distinguish between regular and irregular migration; it also promotes the entry of vulnerable migrants who are not recognized as refugees or asylum-seekers.  The agreement affects the sovereignty right of every State to manage its borders, which for Chile is an internal matter, without prejudice to its international obligations.  Chile will abstain from endorsing the agreement, given that it is not fully in the country’s interests.

Statement III not clear in objective: https://refugeesmigrants.un.org/sites/default/files/180713_agreed_outcome_global_compact_for_migration.pdf