IASMyth – The Core IAS


If journey is the most important part,then the people who chronicle that journey are the real heroes.The point of fascination thus has to be whenever we are on journey are we in a position to spot the paradigm shift that are taking place.So is the case of the Civil service examinations,because We very often don’t see that paradigm shift that are happening ,we are so involved in the miniature,the headlines,the inputs of information coming in that we don’t see the big picture.The competitive structure designed by UPSC challenges the aspirants lacking at the first sight wholesome information.

If UPSC examination has to be defined the we can sum it up as “More contenders fighting for the less seats”.Once the candidates catches hold of the pattern and basics involved,the next step involved is the preparation strategy that belongs to him,Having done all these he becomes a serious candidates.

The fundamental concepts involved in the cracking the examination can be categorised in following lens

  • Clarity-It has to be in terms of what he want to achieve and what is the intent behind his achievement.It has also to be in terms of the medium through which he wants to get in there.
  • Fire Power– It is that amount of energy that is enough to get a candidate through to his aim or the energy which the target can not absorb.So the fire power has to be boundless
  • Mobility-It means taking that energy to the point of decision i.e reaching to aim with the clarity and fire power.
  • Social Media-It has to be in controlled state,so that the rumours spreading can not create a blockade in the mind of aspirants.More clear will be candidates state of mind more will be his chances to get through.

Lets take a quick sneak peak through the points of avoidance,In relevance they are rumours but they very slowly pollute and mislead a candidates mind.


It is based on the success rate which is very less but if taken through other set of  prism One has to believe that the time aspirant took decision to go for this exams by this very virtue puts him apart from general citizens,so aspirant needs to focus on the value propositions rather than journey  interpretation.

Aspirants just need  distilled management principles coupled with passion and emotion to seethe exams through.

2}Requires an academically sound background to clear the examination

This is another issue that adversely affects mind in the negative direction.Rather one should believe that the point of time aspirant has taken the decision to make it happen holds prime importance .Hence making it  to come from within that can be added together with taking  something from outside,some stimulus,some attraction and some pull serves the real purpose.

3}Remembering all the things that aspirants have read is important

Rather than remembering understanding what you have read is more important.So reading and remembering is important but understanding with your perspective is increasingly important in real time.Apart from that ability to produce right thing in the right manner at a right time is all important.

4 }Information and facts help you clear the exams

As the convention goes more the information and facts that an aspirant has under the belt more is the chances of him/her clearing through but in the fairly unconventional time aspirants negate the factor of Language and Literature and its need to reflect the information and facts that is under their belt.So its the need of hour to start focussing on strengthening literature irrespective of language so that they can present their knowledge in an efficient and better manner therby increasing the chances of success.

5}A candidate needs very long reading hours i.e 16 or 18 hours a day.

It again is a misconception that derails aspirants from path of achievement.In order to achieve this feat they increase the amount of time and therefore increase the trauma and decrease the productivity of their hard work and also at times decrease the speed of progress.So one should stick to his/her strength and ability to learn from the amount of time and so should he plan.

6}Need to read many books for exams

This is again where candidates commit a mistake on the path of preparation.Reading many books gives you same or some different view but with a different languages presenting the same information,this leads to confusion again derailing their preparation .So need is to collect information from single authentic source and then practice it in presenting the best manner an aspirant can.

7}Its syllabus is very vast and at times irrelevant.

Very often we listen there is no defined syllabus but thats not true in applicative case.’ UPSC  syllabus is undeniably very vast and at times not come in through a properly structured syllabus but that shouldn’t be a point of concern.Not having a syllabus is also a syllabus and the very essence of a wide syllabus says the need of finding the links so as to string together everything tied to a single thread.

The very need of hour is to have a orbit shift from things that have happened and things that didn’t happen as we can keep debating  to a very long time and nothing will change to things that can happen ahead to byte on rewards.Another orbit shift should be in terms of “One size fits all” to “One size fits just one”.Rather than traditional approaches individuals has to believe that individuals can have different motivators and different motivators at different stages of life,but common thread irrespective of motivation is a sense of purpose .So Aspirant having an eye on all these fundamental will not only meet expectations but also exceed expectations.