Indian squirrels , UPSC prelims 2023 – The Core IAS

Indian squirrels , UPSC prelims 2023

Consider the following statements regarding the Indian squirrels :

  1. They build nests by making burrows in the ground.
  2. They store their food materials like nuts and seeds in the ground.
  3. They are omnivorous.

        How many of the above statements are Flacorrect?

        (a) Only one

        (b) Only two

        (c) All three

        (d) None


  • Statement I is incorrect

Indian palm squirrels are solitary and only come together during the breeding season. They are active during the day spending their time both in trees and on the ground. Indian palm squirrels are busy and fairly vocal creatures, producing a cry that sounds like “chip chip chip” when danger is present. They are usually very protective of their food sources, often guarding and defending them from birds and other squirrels. Unlike some other species of squirrel, Indian palm squirrel do not hibernate. They are opportunists in urban areas and can be easily tamed and trained to accept food from humans.