Mentorship Program 2023 – The Core IAS

Mentorship Program 2023

A talk on the PROGRAMME

Civil Service Examination’s Prelims stage is becoming more and more unpredictable with each passing year.
To beat this fear and uncertainty aspirants resort to more and more resources and less of revision which again pushes them in the viscous cycle of failure? With years of expertise in guiding students of civil service examination and having given AIR – 67, 94, 138, 269, 279, 329 and many others, we know that it is a game of right strategy and thought process. This stage demands as much Smart strategy as it does Smart work. So, The Core IAS team is coming up with a CONQUER PRELIMS 2023 program for people who have been giving successive attempts and have faced multiple failures. The idea here is to produce result where every aspirant giving his/her 100% to the daily targets will surely make it to the mains. 

Features of this program are

1. Daily targets will be assigned and if not met will be eliminated on the basis of weekly tests. This will be done to ensure that students are on their toes till prelims.

2. There will be weekly tests from the targets assigned and will be personally mentored on individual strengths and weaknesses

3. We will hand hold you through any challenge that you face in meeting the daily targets and overall subject 

The only criteria needed to get through prelims is 100% dedication from day 1 to the day of prelims and we are here to ensure that you don’t fall back while being on this journey! The targets have been given in the pdf below and the dates for entrance test and commencement date will be released soon


  1. Under this programme, the core ias team will give daily as well as weekly targets.
  2. The team will also tell you books and refernces to achieve the targets.
  3. Daily as well as weekly targets will be evaluated as well as monitored regularly by the mentor.
  4. Weekly as well as daily individual doubt session will be there to help aspirants to deal with the challenges faced by them in achieving targets.



Based on aspirant targets, daily as well as weekly test will be given along with explanation. Benefits of the programme

  1. This program will help you to customize your preparation as well as streamline your preparation.
  2. It will also help you to complete your syllabus on time (TWO MONTHS BEFORE THE EXAM) along with multiple revision.
  3. Under the guidance of core IAS TEAM, this program will help aspirant to identify its week areas in UPSC Preparation and with the support of CORE IAS team, aspirant can improve that area

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