Economic Survey 2022-23 Summary

Chapter 7: Climate Change and Environment: Preparing to Face The Future.

    ü  International Capital Market Association (ICMA):The mission of ICMA is to promote resilientwell-functioning international and globally coherent cross-border debtsecurities markets, which are essential to fund sustainable economic growth anddevelopment. ICMA is a not-for-profit association (Verein) underthe Swiss Civil Code. The Association is headquartered in Zurich, with officesin London, Paris, Brussels and Hong Kong […]

Economic Survey 2022-23 Summary

Chapter 6: Social Infrastructure and Employment: Big Tent

ü  The progress of the path-breaking Ayushman Bharat programme, with nearly 22 crore eSanjeevani is an innovative, indigenous, cost-effective, and integrated cloud-based telemedicine system application to enable patient-to-doctor teleconsultation to ensure a continuum of care and facilitate health services to all citizens in the confines of their homes, free of cost ü   beneficiaries, is being […]

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CHAPTER 5: Prices and Inflation: Successful Tight-Rope Walking.

  1.Housing Price Index (HPI) published by National Housing Bank (NHB), ü  NHB RESIDEX, India’s first official housing priceindex, was an initiative of the National Housing Bank (NHB) undertaken at thebehest of the Ministry of Finance, Government of India. The index wasformulated under the guidance of a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)comprising of stakeholders from the […]