Home Guards UPSC PRELIMS 2023 – The Core IAS

Home Guards UPSC PRELIMS 2023

        With reference to Home Guards, consider the following statements:

  1. Home Guards are raised under the Home Guards Act and Rules of the Central Government.
  2. The role of the Home Guards is to serve as an auxiliary force to the maintenance of internal security.
  3. To prevent infiltration on the international border/coastal areas, the Border Wing Home Guards Battalions have been raised in some States.

        How many of the above statements are correct?

        (a)   Only one

        (b)   Only two

        (c)   All three

        (d)   None

  • Statement I is incorrect: Home Guards are State subject. Pay and allowance of home guards are governed by the Home Guards Acts and Rules of respective States/UTs. There is no Central Act governing the Home Guards in the country
  • The Home Guard of India is a volunteer force tasked to be an auxiliary to the Indian police
  • Statement III incorrect